How to Store & Organize Kid's Clothing – Ultimate Guide

How to Store & Organize Kid’s Clothing – Ultimate Guide

Being a mother is not an easy job; you have to go through many daily life challenges. And things become more challenging if you are one of the earning members of your family. As a working mother, it’s not easy to deal with every household task. So, it’s crucial to find out the ways to manage your time. The effective your time management will be, the better you will handle things and achieve fruitful results in a shorter duration.


This article will help you understand the ways to store & organize kid’s clothing, one of the most difficult household tasks to deal with. Internet is a boon for clothing and accessories, and this is what makes it easier to get a range of apparel from online shopping sites at your doorstep in no time. However, it may become a challenging task to organize them in less time, irrespective of whether you are working or non-working.


You may often find your kid’s dresser and closet in a messed-up state, and it may seem impossible at first to store & organize kid’s clothing. But with a few instructions listed below, you can precisely sort, store and organize the clothes. So, without further ado, here are the tips and advice for an organized closet and dresser: 

Exclusive Tips to Store & Organize Kids Clothing

It might take a considerable amount of time to store & organize kid’s clothing; however, you can avoid the unnecessary stress and get the things done within a shorter duration, with the approach as discussed below:

Sorting Your Kids Clothes


The foremost step to store & organize kid’s clothing is sorting. Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Empty your kid’s closet and dresser.
  2. Lay everything under your visibility. You may spread the clothes on the table, or bed.
  3. Start sorting the clothes in series of piles.
  4. Keep the actively wearing clothes in the first pile.
  5. Make a season-wise pile for clothes that your kid isn’t wearing right now.
  6. Create a different pile of clothes that don’t fit your kid anymore. You may use them for your younger kid.
  7. Make a separate pile for the clothes that your kid doesn’t wear. You may pass them down to someone else in need. Watch out for a non-profit organization and donate those clothes.
  8. Finally, make a pile of faded, torn, or overly worn clothes and toss them out.
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Store & organize the Unrequired Clothes


Once you have gone through the sorting process, you need to put everything away. Initiate by organizing the unrequired clothes that don’t need to be put back in the dresser and closet. You may find several clothes that your kid doesn’t need anymore. It’s better to discard them from the section.


You may further organize the clothes by “season,” one of the best ways to store & organize kid’s clothing. Storing the winter and summer wearables separately will help you make everything well-organized. Some individuals prefer organizing the clothes by “type.” It’s a great strategy that can be adapted to split seasonal items and keep them in separate drawers.

You can also store & organize kid’s clothing by “size” if you have got a significant collection. Within the size categories, sorting by season will be more effective, provided you need to label the bags appropriately. This will help you get the required clothes quickly, when in need.

Final Thoughts


So, this is how you can store & organize kid’s clothing and save some of your precious time searching for the required clothes. You may also recruit your kid at this process, to let him/her teach kids how to keep everything well-organized.

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