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In a world where minimalism is the trend, it can be difficult to find dresses for your quirky little baby girl that fits her developing personality. It is often overwhelming for parents to keep with their baby girl’s clothing choices that seemingly change every day. The best way to navigate this is to give her wardrobe with beautiful dresses of girls with an array of adorable and quirky prints for her to choose from. 


As little girls grow up, they want more freedom in choosing their clothing as they begin to develop their sense of style which boost their personality growth. So, to encourage this growth you must interact with her and find out her likes and dislikes. You can do this by sitting with her and browsing online shopping sites and asking her for her opinion on various dresses that you think will compliment her personality. 


Slowly and surely, your little girl will start becoming more and more confident in her choices. As a parent, it is our job to often nudge our kids in the right direction to help them grow.

Beautiful Dresses of Girls


Here are some of the best prints that you can try out on beautiful dresses of girls :




This one’s a well known classic. Be it vertical or horizontal stripes, either of them makes for a classy print that would shine the spotlight on your little angel.  Although they lie on the simpler side of prints, they are perfect for formal occasions like parties or school events. Stripe prints look great if found on dresses with lighter colours, like our Berrytree Organic Cotton Grey Frock. This dress is a great example of how stripes are appropriate for occasions with a stricter dress code while making it the best of beautiful dresses of girls!


Polka dots: 


A bit of retro-chic never goes out of style! Polka dots are a great and fun print for your baby girl and make for beautiful dresses of girls. Did you know that the word “polka” in Czech means “little woman or girl”? This makes it the perfect pleasant little print for beautiful dresses for girls. Polka dots were inherently made for little girls so it has an adorable and feminine vibe. This Blue polka dot dress, for example, is extremely cute and perfect for a day out! This print is sure to become a closet favourite of both you and your little girl.

Beautiful Dresses for Kids



This print is the definition of formal and chic and the best part? It’s always ‘in’ fashion.


Plaid is such a popular print that it has several sub-prints under it, like gingham, tartan and check. This print makes for an amazing outfit, especially on darker-coloured dresses. This print would make your baby girl dazzle in a party, it’s very classy and elegant and it’s one of the best prints for baby girls as it’s easily washable. This dress is a great example of how dynamic this print can be, this red and black plaid print is a classic one often found in beautiful dresses of girls.


Quirky Prints: 


Quirky prints can include animals, objects, objects and even words. These prints on beautiful dresses of girls make for a great style statement. When your little angel dons this print,  they are sure to stand out in a crowd. Our Berrytree Organic Cotton Alphabets Dressdoes is the literal definition of that, it’s fun, quirky and comfortable too! Another example is our Berrytree Organic Cotton Unicorn Dress, which is cute and chic and keeps your little one snug all day long! Lastly, here is a dress for the days when your baby girl wants to wear something quirky without all the attention falling on her, Berrytree Organic Cotton Pink Stars Dress. 


Ethnic Prints:


You can feel the struggle is real when it is an auspicious day in the house and you want your baby girl in a beautiful dresses of girls that is traditional wear. Sometimes, she won’t wear the lehenga-choli set for more than an hour because of how uncomfortable it is! A mommy hack for this problem is making her wear beautiful dresses for girls with ethnic prints,  like this one. It’s the perfect middle-ground for you and your baby girl. This dress wouldn’t make her uncomfortable and has a beautiful print suited for auspicious occasions in the home.

As little girls grow up, they want more freedom in choosing their clothing as they begin to develop their sense of style which boost their personality growth.

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