Your son is growing up, and this is the perfect time to replete and furnish his wardrobe for at least the next 5-6 years. You can have a well-grounded assumption that sets of shirts and pants or tops and bottoms is the ultimate way to start your journey. These are colourful, sparkling, and gorgeous at the same time. Your kid will surely love and admire the collection, his parents have made for him, in the upcoming years. 

In such a scenario, we are offering one of our best-selling and desired products which is none other than the pretty fancy boys’ top and bottom sets when it comes to kids’ fashion dresses. Here you can find the tasteful aqua boys t-shirt with red and black checkered pant sets which has stickers and patches all around it, embellishing it in a marvellous way. Also, you can choose the additional custom of brown bow and waistcoat. 

This is an appropriate gentleman outfit for your prince on formal occasions as well as in the sidewalks and playgrounds, depending on how he is carrying the garment. 

Both the top and bottom fabric are made of cotton while the sleeves are short. The top pattern of the apparel is self-designed while the bottom patterns are embellished. On the other hand, while the top material is also made of cotton, the bottom material is of cotton suiting fabric. 

We know, that these basic specifications are attractive, and thus we expect you to order this product before the stock runs out. Once you place the order, we will make a final confirmation of the same and you will receive all the information and the order id within the next few hours. Make a special request, if you want to change any specifications.


We don’t like to label, but this one comes in handy. Follow the instructions on the label before you wash this product or give it to your mom – she knows how to do it.

Paint Your Life
Bring Color
Live, Love, Laugh

2-3 Years (Bust Size: 24 in Length Size: 22 in)
3-4 Years (Bust Size: 25 in Length Size: 24 in)
4-5 Years (Bust Size: 26 in Length Size: 26 in)
5-6 Years (Bust Size: 27 in Length Size: 28 in)
6-7 Years (Bust Size: 28 in Length Size: 30 in)
7-8 Years (Bust Size: 29 in Length Size: 32 in)
8-9 Years (Bust Size: 30 in Length Size: 34 in)
9-10 Years (Bust Size: 31 in Length Size: 36 in)
Country of Origin: India


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