We are happy to present a wide array of functional and fashionable boys’ clothes online for your little bunnies. Apparel for kids needs to be comfortable, durable and interesting to wear. Therefore, we have put together a large collection of boys’ clothes brands which feature a plethora of styles, material and colours.


We don’t like to label, but this one comes in handy. Follow the instructions on the label before you wash this product or give it to your mom – she knows how to do it.

Paint Your Life
Bring Color
Live, Love, Laugh

2-3 Years (Bust Size: 24 in Length Size: 22 in)
3-4 Years (Bust Size: 25 in Length Size: 24 in)
4-5 Years (Bust Size: 26 in Length Size: 26 in)
5-6 Years (Bust Size: 27 in Length Size: 28 in)
6-7 Years (Bust Size: 28 in Length Size: 30 in)
7-8 Years (Bust Size: 29 in Length Size: 32 in)
8-9 Years (Bust Size: 30 in Length Size: 34 in)
9-10 Years (Bust Size: 31 in Length Size: 36 in)
Country of Origin: India


It is your one-stop shop for your newborn baby. We have a wide range of Prams, Strollers, Cots, Highchairs, and Clothing at affordable prices.

Little boys as well as middle-aged boys happen to be very active and energized most of the time. They can be found playing or running on the ground at any time. Thus, as parents, you are very well aware that how their dresses become dirty in a short time gap. So, you will be always wanting your little son to have extra pairs of t-shirts and additional pants. 

So, now you look out for kid fashion dresses. As you start to juggle around, our name will pop up to you and you can be relaxed that we will provide you some of the best garments. Our hot and happening DAGCROS Boys printed t-shirt has been on the desired list of many parents and many have already bought it. 

One of our marvellous specifications is this cool Firetruck stripes t-shirt which is bound to make a stylish new addition to your boy’s wardrobe. The blue and red printed broad stripes are all over the front and back and are also contrasted with plain blue sleeves. 

There are also brainy quotes as well as appealing action themes Firetruck print at the front which will inevitably enthral your little kid. 

The sleeves are short and a half while the fabric is made of cotton. The pattern is printed while it is made for occasional casual usage. 

Once you get to know the product details, you will be naturally proceeding with placing an order and buying the dress. It is a relaxation offered by us, that you can alter the shape, size, or colour with a special request of order modification. The rest will be all taken care of by us. 

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