It has now been a trend as well as style amongst middle-aged men, youth, and kids to wear t-shirts on a daily occasion. There is even no better alternative than that. T-shirts are the best choices to wear in with any lower garment. 

Therefore, as parents, when you opt-out for kids’ dresses online, you must be aware of the attractive cotton boys’ t-shirts. Now, once you try to find them, you will obviously end up at our store. We will be all set to fascinate you with the navy blue, red, and black short-sleeved and full-sleeved t-shirts. There is the perfect outfit for playground fun and long walks. This printed stylish tee is designed with a funny double stripe on the sleeves which will make your kid bright and cheerful. 

The t-shirt fabric is made of cotton, while the material is cotton jersey. Whenever you order this product, it will come with a pack of 2 and will be ready to be dispatched within 2-3 days of your order. 

Once your order is placed and confirmed properly from our side, you will receive a confirmation notification on both your email and phone. The colour, shape, and size can be asked to alter with a special request from your side. Otherwise, you can always place any kind of query or statement on our online website.


We don’t like to label, but this one comes in handy. Follow the instructions on the label before you wash this product or give it to your mom – she knows how to do it.

Paint Your Life
Bring Color
Live, Love, Laugh

2-3 Years (Bust Size: 24 in Length Size: 22 in)
3-4 Years (Bust Size: 25 in Length Size: 24 in)
4-5 Years (Bust Size: 26 in Length Size: 26 in)
5-6 Years (Bust Size: 27 in Length Size: 28 in)
6-7 Years (Bust Size: 28 in Length Size: 30 in)
7-8 Years (Bust Size: 29 in Length Size: 32 in)
8-9 Years (Bust Size: 30 in Length Size: 34 in)
9-10 Years (Bust Size: 31 in Length Size: 36 in)
Country of Origin: India


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