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2-3 Years (Bust Size: 24 in Length Size: 22 in)
3-4 Years (Bust Size: 25 in Length Size: 24 in)
4-5 Years (Bust Size: 26 in Length Size: 26 in)
5-6 Years (Bust Size: 27 in Length Size: 28 in)
6-7 Years (Bust Size: 28 in Length Size: 30 in)
7-8 Years (Bust Size: 29 in Length Size: 32 in)
8-9 Years (Bust Size: 30 in Length Size: 34 in)
9-10 Years (Bust Size: 31 in Length Size: 36 in)
Country of Origin: India

Fashion Wear

We are happy to present a wide array of functional and fashionable girls’ clothes online for your little bunnies. Apparel for kids needs to be comfortable, durable and interesting to wear. Therefore, we have put together a large collection of girls’ clothes brands which feature a plethora of styles, material and colours.

All throughout the history of research and survey about dress choices and preferences, it has always been found that women and especially ladies are more inclined towards colours as well as various patterns and designs. Your daughter is growing up and she will be also nothing other than the same and it is a beautiful thing to discover. 

Now, when your baby girl is about 4 or 5 years old, and you are looking out at several kids’ dresses online, our store will definitely help you in finding the most comfortable and trendy dresses for your daughter. 

Modern pink and ivory fancy girls’ frocks and dresses for your daughter will be the ultimate one this summer with 3D flowers which have ruffled sleeves going down on the side to the waist as well as neoprene 3D flowers with a pearl centre on the waist and the bust. 

This is a guarantee that the comfortable fit, classy look, and cute fashion of the dress will make your daughter all the more adorable and gorgeous. 

It is a solid patterned, sleeveless, single dress material that is made of Egyptian cotton. As well as the lining is 100% cotton with a fabric made of net. 

It is our promise that once the order is placed by you and confirmed from our side, you will be receiving the tracking order number at your email and phone. However, for this product, you can choose to alter the shape, size, and colour with a special order request.

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4 – 8 years

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