We have found in almost all species, just except a few, the ultimate grandeur, beauty, and mesmerisation behold by the females. It is no exception in the human species. With your daughter growing up, this is the most fun time for you to watch her glory, shine, and beauty. 

Now, when you have parties and programs lined up ahead of you and your daughter is also cordially invited, you would want to adorn your daughter. Frocks and Skirts are the best choices, but still, among them, frocks will make your daughter look more charming and sensuous. 

Outlining this thought, when you are on your hunch towards your kids online shopping, you can come across us and once that happens, you are no more required to look any further, as we will be able to showcase you some of the best collections of kids’ girls wester spin party frocks. The very captivating white shimmer along with the red glitter net girls frock can take your breath away from this collection. 

This outfit holds bow embellishment both in the front and the back. The sleeves are ruffled and sometimes in other variations, you will find the material sleeveless. 

The product offers a self-designed pattern with a fabric made of satin. The top lining is also made of cotton, while the top material is filled with shimmer and net. The other available colours of this product are respectively; pink and white. 

After getting to know these specifications, we are sure that you will be wanting to purchase the apparel, thus we request you to place an order before the stock is finished so that we can make a final confirmation of your order and send you the required details and order id. You can as well change the colour, shape, or size with a special request.

Paint Your Life
Bring Color
Live, Love, Laugh

2-3 Years (Bust Size: 24 in Length Size: 22 in)
3-4 Years (Bust Size: 25 in Length Size: 24 in)
4-5 Years (Bust Size: 26 in Length Size: 26 in)
5-6 Years (Bust Size: 27 in Length Size: 28 in)
6-7 Years (Bust Size: 28 in Length Size: 30 in)
7-8 Years (Bust Size: 29 in Length Size: 32 in)
8-9 Years (Bust Size: 30 in Length Size: 34 in)
9-10 Years (Bust Size: 31 in Length Size: 36 in)
Country of Origin: India

Fashion Wear

We are happy to present a wide array of functional and fashionable girls’ clothes online for your little bunnies. Apparel for kids needs to be comfortable, durable and interesting to wear. Therefore, we have put together a large collection of girls’ clothes brands which feature a plethora of styles, material and colours.

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4 – 8 years

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