Young or new parents are often very passionate and oriented towards their kids’ fashion dresses. They often try to buy many dresses and garments for their sons and daughters, but it is always good to remember that except for the necessary apparel, they can choose and buy one after the other. 

You may catch a look at our Stop Stylis Girls Ethnic Gown Dress which possesses very colourful foliage of 3-dimensional flowers, leaves, and decorations. It is primarily portrayed on a chic black dress and offers the customization of a zip back opening. The fabric is made of cotton brand. 

However, once your daughter wears it, she will look no less like a princess with heavenly coloured flowers. Your baby girl will look absolutely adorable with this costume. The primary colour of the product is black and green. It is sleeveless and the top material is made of neoprene. 

However, this is considered to be a custom-made standard dress from our stock, thus there are no online policies applicable once you have ordered from our store. You are open to making any kind of alterations or amendments in the dress about the size or the colour, but for that extra price has to be paid from your side. 

As there are many sizes available with all of our dresses, thus once you choose, you can always exchange once the product is available in stock.